Instrumental in guiding, directing and implementing:

Development of the technique of 'Submerged Combustion' for the Calcinations of gypsum plasters . patented & Commercialised in U.K., U.S.A, Australia & South Africa. Carrying out trouble-shooting of industrial scale driers, drier efficiency surveys, thermal efficiency evaluations

Wind- tunnel experiments to evolve paper-board specifications that affects plaster- board drying rates and as a consequence removal of irrelevant standards that were complied with.

Specialized "filtration system" for quick setting plaster slurries, based on Ospry-Williams Belt-Press and Herriott-Watt horizontal Belt Filter.

Specialized Centrifugation systems based on Decanter Centrifuge for leaching out inorganic salts from gypsum plasters and separation of quick setting solids.

Deliquoring of Cane-Mud in Sugar Industries using Centrifugal Separation

Desludging of Used lubricating oils using Ultrasonic Agglomeration and Centrifugal Separation.

Process for Dewaxing of Vegetable Oils eg.SunFlower Oil, Rice Bran Oil,

Process for the manufacture of Isolated Soya Protein.

Process for the continuous production of Safflower Protein Concentrates using Ultrasonic Disintergration, Vibroscreening and Centrifugal Separation

Novel process parameters for Decanter-Centrifugation of extremely light biomass in secondary treated effluents of Dairy Industries.

Coating Chemical Process Equipment with a wide range of high performance Fluoropolymer powders and dispersions

Applications Engineering activities related to Decanter Centrifuges.

Small scale manufacture of Acrylamide Polymers of Non-Ionic, Anionic, and Cationic charge-character and their application as flocculants in Solid-Liquid Separational Equipment.

Trouble-Shooting and Commissioning of commercial scale Decanter and Peeler Centrifuges

The design, fabrication and application of venturi-feeders in pneumatic conveying of wood-shavings without blow-back in Wood-Wool Board Manufacturing Plant.

Installation of High-Purity PVDF pipe-lines for the transportation of Ultrapure 18 Megaohm-Cm resistivity water used in microchip manufacture.

Process operations in the manufacture of foods and fine-chemicals eg.
1. Ion-Exchange Adsorption and Elution
2. Evaporation in Climbing Film Vacuum Evaporators.
3. Batch and Continuous Stirred Tank Reactors
4. Alumina Chromatography.
5. Filtration through Plate and Frame Filter Presses.
6. Batch Crystallisation.
7. Batch Drying and Continuous Vacuum Drying on Band Dryiers.
8. Granulation and Screening
9. Fermentation.
10. Mechanical and Pneumatic Conveying
11. Batch Distillation and Solvent Recovery.