"We have ~ 40 years of extensive experience with Process Industry and with manufacturers of Separations Process Equipment. We have the expertise and we understand the finer details in the selection of separations equipment that makes the difference. We can therefore guide, assist and carry out laboratory-scale & pilot scale trials and tests for optimal scaled-up equipment selection from wide-ranging separations equipment suppliers, such as suppliers of Decanter Centrifuges, Peeler or Pusher Centrifuges, Horizontal & Rotary Continuous Vacuum Belt Filters, Belt Presses etc.

At ANOSH, we see ourselves in the forefront of accepting expertise assignments from PROCESS INDUSTRIES, ENVIRO ENGINEERS & CONSULTANCY ORGANISATIONS and evolve for them customized off or on-site solutions in the following areas of our specialization.

Area of Expertise :

We have the expertise to evaluate the technical feasibility and find better, faster, and cost-effective ways to develop and improve chemical processes.


We have the expertise to carry out scale-up and evolve process engineering know-how for the chemical and polymer process industries.


Solid-Liquid separation with DECANTER CENTRIFUGES & VIBROSCREENS eg. Classification, Clarification, Screening, Thickening & Dewatering

We have the expertise to select the most cost-effective polyelectrolytes and flocculant solution preparation and dosing systems to provide optimal solutions to wide ranging solid-liquid separational tasks.

We can Assist and Guide process industry engineers in classification of dry powders, scalping of coarse particles from the fines, in evolving and developing un-conventional applications with the Vibroscreen such as low-grade filtration, fluid-bed drying, etc.


We have the expertise to correctly select and apply the Decanter Centrifuges to Deliquoring Cane-Mud Clarifier Underflow in the Sugar Industry, in a manner that would allow the Sugar Mills to increase and nearly double their Crushing Capacity.

Solid Bowl Decanter Centrifuge

We have the expertise to improve the efficiency of process plant operations, process plant capacity, process plant productivity and yields.


We have the expertise to evaluate and improve thermal efficiency of heat transfer equipment such as process dryers and process calciners. Of particular relevance is our expertise in the design, selection, evaluation and installation of Submerged Combustion Equipment for calcination of minerals e.g Gypsum


We have the capability to evolve designs of pilot plants for process/product scale-up and assist with trouble-shooting of operating process plants.


We can enhance client performance by evaluating technical and economic feasiblility and identify the additional developmental needs based on clients own R& D data.


We can recommend proposals for waste minimization and provide suggestive recommendations for end-of-the pipe line waste treatment, through laboratory scale evaluations of representative waste samples.


We can revamp Research Programs and identify excessive operating costs of waste-treatment processes.


We have the expertise to specify, evolve and evaluate appropriate and cost-effective centrifugal separations equipment for clarification of Biotechnology Products.


We can evolve innovative process designs for Bio-Diesel Production by application of high power ultrasonics and optimal reaction engineering during transesterification followed by high-G Centrifugation in the downstream separation steps.


We have the expertise to set up dedicated Research & Development Centres for chemical process and bio-technology industries.


We have the expertise to set up the R & D Centres with specific emphasis on the development of novel and innovative Process-Specific Clean-Technologies and for applications development of wide ranging Separations Processes.